Thursday, August 9, 2012

Great Week for Online Arabic Content

This has been a great week for online Arabic content! I have launched the Arabic Tor Blog!  Please follow it for news and tutorials for the Tor Project in Arabic.

I thank everybody who helped me set it up, and I thank the awesome people in the Tor Project for accepting me in and trusting me with this privilege; being Tor's Arabic front! I couldn't be happier!

Today I finished translating the iOS secure chat app, conveniently named ChatSecure into Arabic, so that Arabic iOS users can now enjoy strong OTR support! I hope the ChatSecure developer merges the Arabic translation with the main release as soon as possible.

Just as the day ended, I also finished translating TextSecure to a complete %100 Arabic localization. TextSecure is an SMS encryption app for Android. Extremely useful for people in the Middle East.

A few days ago I also released an Arabic tutorial for using Gibberbot, the Android secure chat client, which I actually translated a few months ago. People here in the Middle East need to understand OTR and how to make good use of it.

I am very happy for all awesome overwhelming support from thousands of people in the Middle East, it made me unbelievably happy and even more determined to work harder to spread privacy and digital freedom in the Middle East, along with the awesome friends who have been helping me, and on whose shoulders I was standing all the time.

If you are an Arabic speaker with fluency in English, please jump in and help enrich the Arabic content online, especially in Computer Security and Privacy!

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