Friday, February 17, 2012

Let's Pull an All Nighter in Beirut

We are geeks, we love marathons (where we don't run!). How about a marathon where the only thing that runs is our code?

Bring your coffee mugs, and prepare for a long time of extreme coding, debugging, and lots of cursing & expletives!

I'm talking about the new and upcoming overnight developers competition that will be held in the ArabNet Digital Summit 2012 (Beirut), starting on the 27th of March, from 8PM until 8 AM the next day (28th).

Competitors will build a simple web or mobile app in just 12 hours!There will be valuable prizes for winners in this competition, but the details of these prizes, as of the time of this writing, are undefined.

OK, I like to code, where to start?

1- Submit your details on this signup form
     Note: Developer Days attendees are also required to register for this competition.
     However, their e-ticket is not required since they will have a conference badge

2- Check your inbox for a confirmation email
     You’ll receive another email that includes your e-ticket after your registration is approved
4- On the day of the competition, a list of projects will be revealed for competitors. Some of the speakers during the Developer Day will also be available for consultation during the competition.

Seriously, we have been looking for such competitions in the Middle East region for so long now. If you like to code and have good trust in your web or mobile development skills, sign up and try, they won't bite you (as far as I know).

More details can be found here

Oh, and there will be coffee.... Lots of coffee

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